About NADA Scientific

Company Overview

NADA Scientific distributes innovative educational solutions for education and industry to equip people with the knowledge and skills adapted to a 21st century learning environment.

For over 30 years, NADA Scientific has focused on advancing science and technical education by supplying unique hands-on products to support evolving lab needs in many segments.

In 1986, we started operating in Champlain, New York by introducing the science education market with the now famous blue “GENECON®” hand generator. This was the beginning of a lasting relationship with science educators across the world that continues today.

Eleven years later, we added automotive technical training aids to address the need of hands-on training equipment that provides the necessary instructional skills in multiple technical areas. We were one of the first companies to introduce the Toyota Prius Hybrid Engine Trainer in support of the growing importance of Alternative Fuels education.

Today, we continue our evolution with the introduction of Engineering and Technology instruments geared for advanced and customized needs in the industrial and private sector. Our access to dedicated and experienced engineers is an integral part of our success.

Markets Served

NADA Scientific serves a wide range of educational markets including universities, community colleges, technical colleges, vocational schools, high schools, middle schools, and industry. The programs served within these institutions include science, physics, engineering, technology, automotive & diesel technology, and alternative fuels technology.

NADA Scientific also serves public and private industry including the government, military, research organizations, and corporations of all sizes. We provide customized solutions that address the specific technical requirements for your project.