Biodiesel Running Engine

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This product is a running bio-diesel engine for use in an educational context. The engine is mounted in a frame with wheels.

The Biodiesel Running Engine is designed for use in alternative fuels and technical education programs. It operates on B100 Biofuel and Diesel Fuel. This new agricultural engine demonstrates the use of biofuels from many sources.

A new feature is the digital control and protection instrument panel. The following information is available on the display: 
• Automatic supervision of faults with messages 
• Text in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese 
• Pre-heating glow plug management 
• Fuel level indicator 
• Tachometer 
• Battery voltmeter 
• Hour meter (lifetime use in hours for interval maintenance scheduling)

A 67-page Technical Manual is supplied with the engine.

• Continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to 52°C (122°F) 
• Self-vent fuel system with individual fuel-injection pumps 
• Fuel filter/agglomerator 
• Fuel-lift pump 
• Combustion-chamber glow plugs 
• Heater plugs 
• Gear-driven positive displacement-type lubricating-oil pump 
• Spin-on lubricating-oil filter 
• Low oil-pressure switch 
• Exhaust valve seat inserts 
• Inlet and exhaust manifolds 
• Heavy-duty air cleaner 
• Radiator with choice of pusher or puller fan 
• Flywheel with ring gear 
• Flywheel housing with SAE5 flange 
• 250-hour service intervals 
• Operators' handbook 
• Mounted on trestle with rubber pad and with castor wheels 
• Instrument panel: 
  - Ignition key 
  - Engine warning lights 
  - Coolant level 
  - Battery charge 
  - Low engine oil pressure 
  - High engine oil pressure 
• Exhaust pipe 
• New starter battery – 12V 
• Fuel tank 
• Custom tool kit for adjustments and repair 
• Option for 2 tanks (one for bio-diesel, one for diesel) 
• Each tank with different color codes

• New agricultural engine 
• Fueled by pure bio-diesel (B100) 
• 4 cylinders in line, 1860cc 
• Fixed speed motor, 1550/1800 rpm 
• Indirect injection 
• Water-cooled 
• Naturally aspirated 
• CE Certified Quality & Safety Standard

• Power (kW) 6.9 ~ 18.7 
• Power (BHP) 9.25 ~ 25.08

1. Generation Set: provides source for light, welding 
2. Pump Set: pumping oil running at fixed speed 
3. Hydraulic Pump: moving water and extracting water from wells 
4. Compressor Unit: for air pressure

Size: 155cm x 105cm x 140cm (L x W x H) 
Net Weight: 330 kg 
Gross Weight: 456 kg

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