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Name Hybrid System Model - Manual Operation, Toyota Prius

Hybrid System Model - Manual Operation, Toyota Prius

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This is a tabletop model of a parallel hybrid system that is used in the Toyota Prius. By operating the Hybrid system manually, and referring to the operation panel located at the front, instruction becomes very simple and students will easily understand the input of the engine motor. This model contains illustrations that demonstrate how the Prius operates in various driving modes:

>>During Light Acceleration:
During light acceleration at low speeds, the vehicle is powered by the electric motor. The gasoline engine is shut off.

>>During Normal Driving:
During normal driving, the vehicle is powered mainly by the gasoline engine. The gasoline engine also powers the generator to recharge the battery pack.

>>During Full Acceleration:
During full acceleration, such as climbing a hill, both the gasoline engine and the electric motor power the vehicle.

>>During Deceleration and Stopping:
During deceleration, such as when braking, the vehicle regenerates kinetic energy from the front wheels to produce electricity that recharges the battery pack. When the vehicle is stopped, the gasoline engine and electric motor are off. However, the vehicle remains on and operational.

>>When the HV Battery is Charging:
When the HV battery voltage is lowered to a certain value, the engine output increases to charge the HV battery (the engine rotates while the motor is fixed).

Size: 42cm x 48cm x 34cm (L x W x H)
Net Weight: 6 kg
Gross Weight: 11 kg

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