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Name Electronic Single-Point Injection System
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Electronic Single-Point Injection System

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This trainer is an electronic teaching aid designed to show the functioning of an electronic ignition system. This panel is mounted on a sturdy stand with wheels and allows you to easily:

• Regulate the RPM's from 0 to 2000 with the use of an attached pedal.

• Educate about the IAW Weber-Marelli single-point injection, self-contained engine management system, which controls both the fuel injection and ignition.

• Demonstrate to your students an entire fuel injection system comprised of: fuel tank, an electric fuel pump, a fuel filter, fuel supply and return lines, a throttle body with electronic fuel injector, an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), as well as the associated sensors, actuators and wiring.

• Fuel tank
• Fuel pump
• Fuel pressure regulator
• Injector
• Fuel vapour trap
• Idle stepper motor
• Absolute pressure sensor
• Injection/ignition ECU
• Throttle position sensor
• Engine coolant temperature sensor
• Intake air temperature sensor
• Injection/ignition duel relay
• Ignition coils
• Rpm and TDC sensor
• Spark plugs
• Diagnostic socket
• EVAP solenoid
• Lambda /oxygen sensor

Size: 140cm x 70cm x 210cm (L x W x H)
Net Weight: 96 kg
Gross Weight: 170 kg