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PDF Downloads Function Generator Portable Operation Manual
Name Function Generator, Portable
Dimensions No
Maximum Output Voltage No
Maximum Output Current No
Range -5.000V ~ +5.000V
Scan Speed 0.1mV/sec ~ 5000V/min
USB Compatible No
Power Requirement AC 120V

Function Generator, Portable

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This model, when combined with a Potentiostst/Galvanostat, is extremely powerful in voltammetry, coulometry, automatic polarization, and other studies where external control is needed. Four waveforms can be obtained with simple operations. Ramp slope can be varied from 0.1mV/sec to 5000V/min (83.3V/sec). This wide range of variation enables close analysis of corrosion on the electrode surfaces, passivity, and electrode reactions.

Benefits include: Low Cost, Small Size, Light Weight, Easy to Operate, Excellent Instructional Instrument, High Performance, Easily connects to ant Potentiostat/Galvanostat.

* Waveforms: Ramps, Triangles (one-shot, repetitive)
* Initial, upper, and lower potentials can be set independently
* Scan speed (or sweep rate) range can be chosen from either mV/sec or 100 mV/min
* Scan speed range: 0.1 mV/sec ~ 5000V/min (83.3V/sec)