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Potentiostat / Galvanostat 7 Ranges Operation Manual
Name Potentiostat/ Galvanostat, 7 Ranges
Dimensions No
Maximum Output Voltage 30V
Maximum Output Current 1A
Range 1uA - 1A (7 ranges)
Scan Speed No
USB Compatible Yes
Power Requirement AC 120V

Potentiostat/ Galvanostat, 7 Ranges

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This new potentiostat/galvanostat model is designed for demanding electrochemica applications. It is ideal for fundamental electrochemical studies in areas as diverse as physical electrochemistry, corrosion measurement, voltammetry, coulometry, automatic polarization, and other studies. This unit provides a combination of blazing speed, a wide current range, low noise, high sensitivity, and unsurpassed versatility.

* Option to connect to PC via USB Connection
* Maximum output: 30V/1A
* Capacity to extend a maximum 10A power booster (sold separately)
* Current/Voltage AUTO range incorporated
* Smaller and lighter than comparable models
* Current Range: 1uA ~ 1A (7 ranges)
* Low Pass filter fitted
* Control response switching function incorporated
* Bath voltage over shut-off function incorporated