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Potentiostat / Galvanostat Operation Manual
Name Potentiostat/ Galvanostat, 50V
Dimensions No
Maximum Output Voltage 50V
Maximum Output Current 1A
Range 10uA ~ 1uA
Scan Speed No
USB Compatible No
Power Requirement AC 120V

Potentiostat/ Galvanostat, 50V

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Model N600-HABF-501A is a compact sized electrochemical measuring system that incorporates a potentiostat/galvanostat, a function generator, and a coulomb meter. This exceptional unit is suitable for use in a wide range of experiments, including laboratory study, organic electrolysis, precision synthesizing, bio-sensing, plating, and corrosion analysis.

* Measurement capability on 4 modes: electrometer mode, potentiostat mode, galvanostat mode and unresisted ammeter mode.
* Built-in Function generator and coulomb meter.
* Coulomb preset function (measurement shut off at designated coulomb value), Coulomb timer function (calculates coulomb value within designated time) incorporated.
* 2 current ranges (10μA range, 1μA range) are included.
* Improved coulomb integrate accuracy (100 digit/s → 1000000 digits/s).
* Possible control and data acquisition on N600-HABF-501A from computer using USB Port (Maximum 10 samples/sec).
* Power Source: AC120V, 50-60Hz