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Name GENECON® Kit with Manual

GENECON® Kit with Manual

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The NEW GENECON® KIT is designed for students to conduct 22 hands-on experiments using the GENECON®12 Generator.

This kit comes complete with the accessories needed to cover many subjects, from basic electrical theory to energy conversion and electromagnetism. Let your students learn first-hand about the principles of electrical generation and flow, circuit types, energy conversion and storage, resistance, and electromagnetic induction.

Students will learn how to apply the GENECON®12 and design simple series and parallel circuits using components such as wires, batteries, and light bulbs.

Students will learn to analyze the relationship between an electric current and the strength of its magnetic field using simple electromagnets. Students can investigate and compare series and parallel circuits.

The GENECON® KIT includes two GENECON®12 Generators and a full complement of accessories to perform a multitude of activities.

1. Getting to know your GENECON®
2. Testing Polarity
3. Energy "Loss"
4. Generator or Motor?
5. Conductor or Insulator
6. Mystery Circuit Boxes
7. Bulbs in Series
8. Bulbs in Parallel
9. Variable Resistor
10. The Thermal Effect
11. Short Circuits and Fuses
12. Current Detector
13. Magnetism
14. Electromagnetism
15. Salt Water Electrolyte
16. Electroplating
17. Electrolysis of Water
18. Motor Manipulations
19. Let's make a motor
20. The Motor Effect
21. Energy Storage
22. An Unexpected Storage Cell!