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Name Building & Designing Batteries STEM Kit

Building & Designing Batteries STEM Kit


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Building & Designing Batteries STEM Kit contains eight investigative activities that teach students how to use a multimeter to measure voltage and amplitude, calculate electrical resistance and electrode potentials, evaluate battery performance, assemble electrical circuits, and construct batteries.

The kit includes:
• Enough materials for 40 students working in groups of 4
• A DVD with PDF Teacher and Student Guides
• Other digital content.

This kit contains eight activities investigating energy, matter, and electrochemistry:
Activity 1: Building a Pile Battery Voltaic Cell
Activity 2: Designing the Better Pile Battery
Activity 3: Building a LED Light Battery
Activity 4: Designing an Alkaline LED Light Battery
Activity 5: Building Earth & Microbe Batteries
Activity 6: Working with Earth Batteries
Activity 7: A Closer Look at Galvanic Corrosion
Activity 8: Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Size & Performance

Experimental/Engineering Design
Energy & Matter
Scientific Method
Data Analysis
Spreadsheet Preparation
Scientific Method