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Name e/m Apparatus EM-4N

e/m Apparatus EM-4N

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Introducing our new e/m Apparatus, which replaces the prior model (EM-1N). The new body has been scaled down without compromising the size of the tube, making it more compact and lightweight; and the new modern design is housed in a black acrylic resin for durability.

The new E/M Apparatus allows students to clearly observe the effects of electric and magnetic fields on an electron stream. This compact instrument provides students a dramatic and visually pleasing experience. The large orbital electron path is circular and Helmholtz coils are integrated. The beam has a built-in engraved glass rod with a scale along the central axis. This eliminates parallax when making diameter readings of the electron orbit. You can observe the entire experiment through the front view hole or rear sliding panel.

Comparison (EM-4N vs. EM-1N):
Compact and Portable Size:
- more than 32% volume reduction and 20% weight reduction
Durable Construction:
- Acrylic Black Resin instead of Wooden construction in prior model
Simplified Front Panel Design:
- without Variable Resistor Knob
Sliding Back Cover:
- compared to removable heavy Wooden Box in prior model

• Vacuum Tube:
- 130mm diameter
- Helium gas
- Integrated phosphor scale
• Helmholtz Coil:
- 300mm diameter
- 1mm wire 130 turns
- Two parallel mounted coils with variable resistors to adjust current
• Anode: 200-500V
• Heater: 6.3V/1A
• Helmholtz coil: 12V DC/2A
• Power Supply Sold Separately

37cm x 25.5cm x 39cm (L x W x H)

7 Kg

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