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Name RSpec Explorer Digital Spectrometer

RSpec Explorer Digital Spectrometer


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The RSpec Explorer Digital Spectrometer is simple to setup and easy to use. Position it on your lab table one or two meters from your light source. There’s no fine-tuning or adjustment necessary. The internal video camera auto-focuses and adjusts for your current light conditions.

The system works with any Windows computer (XP or more recent). You can set up this camera and be capturing your first spectrum in about 90 seconds!

It’s perfect for “sage on the stage” demonstrations. No more struggling with rainbow foil or cheap plastic spectrometers. The RSpec Explorer is also an excellent lab instrument for your students to get hands-on experience. It’s durable, survives most abuse, and is easy-to-use.

The RSpec Explorer System consists of 3 integrated components.

Single-board, auto-focus, USB camera with 640x480 resolution, interpolated to 1.3 megapixels. Focal length is 2.3 mm. Focus distance is from about 5” (130 mm) to infinity. The field of view is 68°. Frame rate is 30 fps. USB cable length is 4’.

The spectroscope is a slit-less objective grating device with a dispersion of 1.30 Nanometers/pixel. Spectral range is from approximately 380 nm to 700 nm, with maximum sensitivity mid-range.
The spectroscope and camera are integrated into a sealed 3 x 1.5 x 1” plastic enclosure. There are no mechanical adjustments or tuning necessary or available for this device.
Also included in the package is an aluminum tripod with a standard male camera thread, 4” legs (extendable to 6”) with a universal swivel head. An external, adjustable slit is also provided for use on extended objects.

The software is a standard Windows program requiring no additional auxiliary software (eg .NET, SQL Server, etc.). It conforms to Microsoft Windows security standards meaning that after installation by an administrative user (e.g. teacher or network administrator), it can be run by a user (e.g. student) without administrative privileges. It runs on Windows XP or later, 32-bit or 64-bit.
The software comes pre-calibrated for the spectroscope’s dispersion, but allows the user to customize the calibration using a polynomial fit.
The software system’s default mode is for the camera to be run in automatic mode where it handles all configurations. Users have found this mode gives optimal spectroscopic results. However, the user can optionally manually adjust the camera properties like brightness, contrast, gamma.
At the time of installation, the software also installs a series of graduated instructional videos lasting a total of 30 minutes. These on-screen videos (accessible by a single click from inside the software) walk a new user through the operation of the software.
Any software updates are free for one year from date of purchase. Updates are provided via the web.
Along with the hardware, the original shipment contains a URL for download of the software. No media (CD, DVD) is available.

• Integrated Spectrometer and Camera
• Connects via USB
• Adjustable Tripod
• Spectrometer Software
• Dark colored stand to be used as a background or a slit