Aircraft Engine, Radial

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Aircraft Engine, Radial
The radial engine was commonly used for aircraft engines before turbine engines became predominant. This type of engine is a reciprocating type internal combustion engine configuration in which cylinders radiate outward from the central crankcase. SPECIFICATIONS: • Drive shaft with integral master rod and moving connection rods • Air cooling system • Double ignition (2 spark plugs per cylinder and 2 magnetos) • Operates electrically at 120 Volts • Mounted on stand with wheels • Options: Manual Crank Operation or Electrical Operation 120V with Compliance CE Mark & UL Components • Includes Tool Box (25-Piece Metric Combination Set, 6-32mm) WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS: Size: 150cm x 140cm x 180cm (L x W x H) Net Weight: 700 kg Gross Weight: 850 kg
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Product Name Aircraft Engine, Radial
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